Spend some time in this surprising Southern sanctuary

Wilson is not your average Delta town. With love for learning, culinary arts, regional culture, and community deep inside its roots, Wilson has become a bustling hub for folks near and far looking to experience something out of the ordinary.

Happening in Wilson

Wilson always seems to have something exciting coming up around the corner, from Farmers Markets and the Wilson Wine Experience to festivals and concerts. Join in on the fun! Wilson loves showing a little southern hospitality to our guests.

12 January

Morning Yoga

17 December

Rockin’ Art at the Hampson Archeological Museum

22 December

Grange Garden Club – All About Amaryllis

Wilson in the News

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Jun 2022
In the quiet town of Wilson, Arkansas, lies a beautiful town square and several jewels. One of these treasures is...
May 2022
Education and rural American have always been symbiotic.  In the 19th century, small towns built one-room school houses, and land...

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Whether going out for a fancy evening with your favorite date or simply trying to unwind after a long day and meeting with a pal for a drink sounds like...

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