#TheFridayFive – 3/18/22

5 Things to do in Wilson Next Weekend

As March is quickly coming to a close, Wilson is brimming with several fun things to do. Here are 5 things to do in Wilson next weekend.

  1. Lunch at Learn at The Grange (Friday, March 25; 11a-1p). Jonesboro Artist Jeannie Walsh will discuss the creative inspiration for her unique guitar pick artwork. This event allows guests to ask questions and meet her in a casual setting. You may bring your own lunch or purchase something from the Grange kitchen, wilsongrange.com.
  2. Wine Tasting at The Wilson Tavern (Friday, March 25; 4-5p). As part of the Wilson Wine Experience, The Wilson Tavern hosts a weekly wine tasting event where guests learn the specifics of varietals of wine while comparing tastes. This is a casual, interactive event for novice wine drinkers as well as for connoisseurs. This week, they will discuss red wines with big, bold flavors. Wine tastings are limited to 15 guests, so be sure to purchase your ticket in advance, wilsonarkanasas.com/events.
  3. Mad Hatter Children’s Tea Party (Saturday, March 26; 2-4p). Bringing the movie Alice in Wonderland to life, the Wilson Mad Hatter Tea Party is a fun, interactive event for our friends 12 years and younger. Dress your kids in their Sunday best and enjoy a picnic with “tea,” cookies, and more in the Park on Park Street. Afterward, walk to the Historic Wilson Theater, where they will show the movie. There is a small fee for the tea party, but no charge to watch the film. Tickets are available at wilsonarkansas.com/events.
  4. Artifact ID Day at The Hampson Museum (Saturday, March 26; 1-4p). Dr. Julie Marrow, Archeologist with Arkansas Archeological Survey, will be joining the park interpreter for an afternoon of artifact ID. Bring in your artifact collection, fossils, and minerals for identification. The experts will describe the historical use of your items and answer questions such as what the item is, hold old it is, and if it is common or rare (no appraisals will be done). The park will also host a Native Games session on March 26 from 9-10a.
  5. Kid’s Paint; Adults Sip (Sunday, March 27; 2-4p). Sponsored by the Arkansas Northeastern College, this fun painting event will take place at The Grange. Jennifer Blansett will guide children in painting cute and crafty llama door hangers, while parents can purchase their favorite wine. Pre-registration is required, and tickets are selling quickly, so don’t delay, wilsonarkansas.com/events.