The Wilson Wine Experience

Samuel X. Cicci,

Spend an evening wining and dining at one of the Mid-South’s hidden gems.

A glass tea kettle sheds its crystal transparency for a vibrant golden hue accentuated by low candlelight. As the tea steeps, various local dishes are whisked out to the table, accompanied by curated wine selections from all over the world. Over the course of several hours, it’s a culinary journey through the five senses, an escape from the mundanities of the city and everyday life as you simply sit and enjoy the food in the moment. And it’s all within a quick drive from Memphis.

The Wilson Wine Experience is a series of wine tastings and dinners just 45 minutes up I-55 in the small town of Wilson, Arkansas (population just under 1,000). The city was founded as a company town by Robert E. Lee Wilson in 1886, and remained under Wilson Company ownership until the twenty-first century. But how did a logging and sawmill town with surprising Tudor-style English architecture become the site for a wine getaway?