The Old Oak Tree

There is a massive old oak tree that stands in the front yard of the house that my wife Alexx and I bought just north of town this summer.

The previous owners claimed it to be over 300 years old and while that timeline is a little questionable, the gnarled beauty of it is not. It’s quite tall, this old oak, at what would have to be some 100 feet, and its canopy covers what feels like an acre. Over the history of our area, from its time covered in old-growth forest, to being harvested for timber, drained, and ultimately cultivated into the cropland that we recognize today, this tree has persevered and grown year after year, generation after generation.
As I walk around our property and admire this tree’s beauty, I think of all the things that must have happened under its strong ancient branches. Birthday parties and family reunions and children playing, and dogs chasing, and on and on the paths that have crossed this grand oak.
That’s how it is with strong roots.

Time passes but the constant drumbeat of roots remains. Far as your canopy may reach, roots fail to waiver. This idea of roots is precisely what brought Alexx and I home. After years in Nashville and later Memphis, the pull was too strong to ignore, and we yearned to call the north delta home. With big skies, and endless green seas of agriculture, and the unmistakable charm of its people the beauty of the area is unbelievable and that is something which is certainly worth celebrating.
In the coming months, I intend to do just that in this small section of the Wilsonian. To offer you snippets of life and beauty in the delta. I am so looking forward to highlighting the small moments and pieces of our area which make life here so sweet.

By: Josh Conley