Chef Shawn Davies
Executive Chef Shawn Davis

Meet Executive Chef Shawn Davis

Shawn Davis, former Executive Chef at House of Music and Entertainment (H.O.M.E.), has been cooking professionally for over 25 years. His talents have gained him national notice through his multiple television appearances on Chuck Henry’s Travel Cafe, 60 Minutes and ABC’s Top 5 Restaurants (Perch La). Shawn was recently a contestant on the hit ABC show, The Taste and Guy Feri Food Network Grocery Games.

Born in Westchester, New York, and immediately surrounded by food, one might say Shawn was born to cook. His mother owned catering business, and at age six Shawn was already cooking eggs in his grandma’s kitchen. “Food has always been the center of my family and social life,” Shawn said. At age 10, Shawn and his family moved to Los Angeles. His path was always clear, as immediately after graduating from high school, Shawn attended the Los Angeles Trade Tech College of Culinary Arts. After graduating from Trade Tech, Shawn decided that he wanted to get back to the classics. “I wanted to be the best, so I felt I had to go abroad,” Shawn explains. He was accepted to Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Surrey, England. Upon receiving his degree and graduating in the top 2, Shawn returned to Los Angeles and landed his first job at Checkers in Downtown Los Angeles, with the respected Chef Thomas Keller. Continuing with his career from The Four Seasons Beverly Hills to The Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills. Since then, Shawn’s talents have been utilized at some of LA’s hottest restaurants, including Perch Downtown, The Argyle Hotel (Which the same owner who has another hotel in New York with Daniel Boulud restaurant in it), The Sunset/Malibu, Union Santa Monica and Geoffery”s Malibu simultaneously , The Sunset Room, Darren’s Restaurant, Chez Mélange and Geoffrey’s Malibu(separate time).

As a longtime executive chef in Los Angeles, Shawn Davis initially balked at the idea of moving to Memphis. His wife’s employer, a charter school network, asked her to move to the Mid-South, and he questioned why they would leave their longtime home. However, they decided to give the city a chance, and Davis was impressed with what he saw on his visits: crowded, high-quality restaurants. “All [the high-end restaurants] were busy,” he said. “There’s a need for growth.”

Seeing a great opportunity to open one or more of his own restaurants in the city, Davis and his family “took a leap of faith” and decided to leave their friends and secure careers behind in Los Angeles in 2018.

Shawn was a partner in Mardi Gras Restaurant in Memphis and has recently been doing consulting work in the region for a multitude of projects.

Shawn has accepted the challenge of fulfilling the culinary vision of Wilson Arkansas. He leads the team towards the culinary future of Wilson, solidifying the current operations and creating a varied array of culinary programs and concepts that will catapult Wilson into the national food stage.