Fall Planting for the Casual Gardner

Autumn is here and what a glorious time of year! We’re all waiting for the leaves to change colors and for cooler temperatures, but it’s also the perfect time to plant a vegetable garden and or add landscaping to your yard.
If you love spring vegetables, you can grow them in the fall as well. We love to grow carrots, beets, kale, lettuce, radishes, cabbage, fennel, cilantro, broccoli, and sorrel to name a few.
If you enjoy fresh garlic and strawberries, now is the time to plant your bulbs and transplants to overwinter.
If adding more color to your landscape is on your mind, plant your peonies, tulips, and daffodils anytime between October and December. It’s also a wonderful time to plant shrubs and trees. Japanese Maples and fig trees love spreading their roots into the cool soil. Just about any flowering perennial will do best if planted now to establish substantial root growth for spring blooms.
From planting a single bulb to a full garden, time outside is time well spent. Do it alone or with family. Come spring, you’ll be happy you did!

If you have questions about your next gardening project, feel free to reach out to me at jill@wilsongrange.com

By Jill Forrester