The Delta School

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5101 US-61

Wilson, Arkansas 72395


Founded in 2014, the Delta School offers a unique educational experience to the next generation of Wilsonians and surrounding communities. The Deltas School is an incubator for progressive education that builds on K-12 students’ personal strengths, helping them find their passions through tailored, experimental learning.

The Delta School breaks all the rules when it comes to classic limitations on learning. Their model’s beauty is in part where we are located: in the heart of rural America, the most unlikely places, The Arkansas Delta. Founded on the desire to build students’ strengths, so students know where to invest their energy for the future, our model is agile and flexible in practice. They blend the best of Human-Centered Design, Project Based Learning, The Maker Movement, Strengths Discovery, School Garden Movement, and School as Play to create an interconnected curriculum deeply grounded in developing relationship strengths to build character. They are profoundly personal and, at the same time, highly collaborative.

Our campus is a welcoming blend of history and innovation. Our learning pavilions are situated to take in the wonders of nature while at the same time connecting our students to the world through state-of-the-art technology. Everything in our school, from the furniture to the way we greet guests, is intentional and designed to serve our mission.