About Us

Hidden Gem of the Delta

Wilson, Arkansas, is a unique destination in northeast Arkansas. Steeped in agriculture history, the town pursues its mission to build Wilson into a distinctive tourist destination while maintaining a strong community spirit focusing on education, culinary, wellness, agriculture, and history. 

Wilson is a beacon of innovation and vision while remaining authentic to its history and community. Wilson is a destination with a difference, distinguished by its Tudor-inspired town square and its new take on rebuilding the area to a new level of recognition, livability, and attraction.

cotton gin
family time in the park

Agriculture remains the mainstay of the region. The acres of cotton fields continue as the backdrop to the rebuilding of this town. This fact resonates within the local entities too.  The Wilson Café uses fresh produce and flowers in its menus and décor.  The Outdoor Center encourages residents and visitors to bike the miles of outdoor trails near the Mississippi River.  The Grange at Wilson Gardens is at the epicenter of the agricultural feel as a working farm and educational hub for the region, unlike anything in the Northeast Arkansas region.

Historically, music adds the soundtrack to the region. The Blues Highway, Route 61, travels through Wilson’s center, bringing a long history of music appreciation and heritage.  The Wilson Music Series is a tribute to this area’s historic nature bringing blues, folk, and rock to the community.

Together, these pillars culminate into a sophisticated yet casual, community-based center where people and ideas come together for the common good and where people are emotionally drawn to visit, live, and invest.

This is Wilson. Come be part of our story.